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This is memory of my Son Billy Paul Smith who was born to Billy and Cheryl Smith.On 02-03-1987 and went to be with His Heavenly Father on 03-01-2004 at the tender age of 17. I placed a baseball in his hospitial bed with wishes of him being a Great athelete, Which he was and not just at baseball but any sport He played.Exspecialy football and soccer.He is such a special Blessing to all who knew Him and even some who didn't,as my Brother Melvin told me.
               Our Heavenly Father took our special BP home on march 01-2004 as he went to the aid of a friend during a robbery. Bp's last words to 911 were wait a minute and within minutes Our Precious BP was gone home.Due to Him calling 911 the killers were captured near the scene.
                     The Funeral Director estimated 500 people were present at the Funeral.
                    I so miss His smile and His awww Dad!!!!!!!!! when He couldn't get His way,the hugs, the arguments, His sporting events and everything good or bad that happened between us.I miss you Son and look forward to being home with You and your PaPa and uncle Karl Who you never knew, But whom You are with.Like brother Terry said It's not goodbye but see You later.We love you Son and will see you later.
                                    Your Mom & Dad and all your Family and Friends

parole protest  
To really add to Billy Paul's legacy please e-mail your protest of release to c/o Raven Kazen director tdcj victims services. against nolan earl drake #1330004 dob 1-16-70- lucretia d devroe #1329260 dob 6-15-71 She is being reveiwed at this moment and had BP's blood on her. Please help.            Thank you
                                Billy Smith Dad of BILLY PAUL SMITH(FOREVER17LIVE ON)

More than a legacy  
To some BP was a hero, to others a true friend , Grandson , uncle, nephew,cousin,Son,athlete, and many other meanings to people who love Him.the ones who know my BP need to express their own thoughts and feelings for Him. To me He was my only son and along with my own Loving Family my Pride and Joy.I will never get over the fact of the loss ,But I know I will see him later. Love you BP ,love you Jesus,Love you God
stressful day  

 I decided to go through Billy's stuff and wrote down every item. I even kept his dirty clothes together. Until now I have felt unable to put His pictures up or go through His things. It is like He is telling me it's ok Dad suk it up and lets get on with life. I have never been a perfect parent but I feel He has forgiven me and want's me to get on in life. I will do my best Son and see you later Dad
             Thanks to all the wonderful people who have been veiwing BP's site and lighting candles and sending condolences and Tributes God bless you all best of the new year ahead      Billy dad of BILLY PAUL SMITH (FOREVER 17 LIVE ON)

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