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Billy Paul- My Brother in Christ  / Trini Long (Friend)  Read >>
Billy Paul- My Brother in Christ  / Trini Long (Friend)

Wow, there is so much to say about such an incredible person. Billy was like a brother to me, we didnt get to see much of each other at times, but when we did it was like we never separated. He always had such an amazing insight on life, and always never hesitated to help when he could.It was an amazing time to be with him in the youth at Calvary Baptist. Billy will always have a special place in my heart, he really and truely was a superman.

A Boring Summer Night  / Rafael Mendoza (Friend)  Read >>
A Boring Summer Night  / Rafael Mendoza (Friend)
One night during our summer break me and my brother and Bradley and Billy were just sitting at my house we were BORED so Billy says to me hey does your mom have any eggs in the fridge and I already knew what he was going to say so I went to get some eggs and I threw one at a house and hit it then My brother and then Bradley then Billy says lets go Im going to do something else so I already know what he wants to do so I stay home while every one else goes and throws eggs at cars they tell me to wait outside to make sure they come back so I do I start to get worried about 15 min. later and as soon as I take a step my brother runs up out of breath the Bradley and finally Billy the first thing that Billy says is I hit a car and they stoped so we ran we were scared we were going to get in trouble so we stayed inside for the rest of the night   And the first thing my mom said the next morning was WERE ARE MY EGGS Close
Valentine / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )  Read >>
Valentine / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )
Sibling bond.... now broken.  / Tiffany Smith (Sister)  Read >>
Sibling bond.... now broken.  / Tiffany Smith (Sister)
Today is one of those "Billy" days.  I'm sitting up here at work just thinking of all the memories I have of my bubba.  Every little thing is getting to me; seeing families together like parents w/ their children, music, t.v., and pictures.... I mean anything!  I am so blessed that at least I had the chance to know Billy Paul.  There is still so much I'm sure I will never know, but for the most part I feel like I knew my brother very well.  I mean he is the ONLY one that has been exactly where I have.  He is the only one that really could say they understood me.  I have so much more I could say but most of that will just have to stay inside.  To everyone that knew Billy Paul I hope you all realize how lucky you are.  :) Everyone hang in there.  I love you Dad.  I could only imagine the pain you suffer.  Sorry I can't deal with all the talking about it right now.  One day.  My love goes out to you all!  LIVE ON...FOREVER 17...."ILL MEET YOU THERE" Close
Obvious Evidence  / Aunt Beth Smith (FAVORITE Aunt )  Read >>
Obvious Evidence  / Aunt Beth Smith (FAVORITE Aunt )
It was not that last encounter on that one last morning of your young life that made you our hero. It was the life you lived in and around everybody. Especially your family. I remember how you always loved 'coming home' and especially at Christmas.
I really missed you being home this year. It was like I kept waiting for you to walk thru the door, hug me in your own special way, then look at me and say I love you Aunt Beth. Just one more time of seeing you and LaShae hangin' together? Just one more game of family baseball or football? Or at least hug your sister and pick at her? That was Christmas! No, none of that happened this year. What did happen was all the memories of you doing all those things. You left behind so many precious memories.
I miss all those times of you coming in here, sitting on my bed (like in the picture album here) and just you and me talking like nothing else mattered. You always had the sweetest attitude and the most beautiful smile... especially when you were up to something. You know what I mean!! Because of who you are, your presence at home is strongly felt and cherished memories of you remain forever strong in my heart and mind. That is why I can think of you and tears bursts and explode into smiles from within. You were absolutely adorable! We all know where that comes from.
The coolest is... I have the joy of seeing you in all my neices and nephews and your closest friends. I am blessed to be surrounded by such angels! They all miss you so badly. You were all so close and tightly knit together that only God could have knotted those ties. Thank you for the peace of knowing you knew Jesus before you left. We already knew it but then we found the evidence, BP!
Just as always becomes forever, you, my nephew, will live on in the hearts and lives of the literally hundreds of people your young life touched. You were one of the most compassionate young people I have ever known.
Just as always... YOU MAKE ME PROUD!
Oh Yeah, one more game...
We all know this game will last forever. At least until the whole Smith team shows up and joins you to make that final play. It will be the highest score in the history of baseball. What a game that will be. (The only real question is... will it be baseball or will it be softball?)
THANKS for leaving plenty of sweet memories to last until then.
A sweet thought of you...
I know if you were sitting here on my bed just one more time you would look at me with that cute smile and say, "I'll be forever 17 but Aunt Beth, you'll be forever OLD!"
I sure do miss you Billy.
miss you so much!!  / Nita Henderson (Aunt)  Read >>
miss you so much!!  / Nita Henderson (Aunt)
I am missing our Billy so much! Some days, as all his family and friends know, are just harder than others. One of those days that every little thing makes you think of him. Billy was my boy! The closest I had to a boy of my own. I cannot go by a baseball field without tearing up and thinking of all those games we were blessed to watch. I miss watching him with his sister and my girls. I miss his hugs, no one can hug like our Billy Paul! When his name is spoken around any of us, you can see the pain of our loss. But at the same time, you can see the joy! The joy he brought to all of our lives! I am thankful for the short time we had with him. There are many people who will live long lives and will never even begin to touch the number of lives that he touched in his short 17 years. Or even begin to touch lives in the way that he did. We should all live like that. He had such a God-given gift for that. Billy, as Bro. Terry said at your service, we will not tell you GOODBYE, but "SEE YOU LATER"!!! Until then, do us a favor.....get with God and ask him to help us all deal with the pain of not having you with us. I know you are up there with him, playing baseball, football & soccer, so you have tight connections. Does the yard you play in look like Nanny's? I LOVE & MISS YOU SO MUCH! Close
For Billy and you all.  / Angela Wrate Uk (another mother )  Read >>
For Billy and you all.  / Angela Wrate Uk (another mother )
Dear all what a terrible way to lose your son my heart goes out to you all.
What ever i say i know will not bring your son home but believe me i feel for you all.
like myself  all  we have left is happy memories of our children and snapshots in our minds .
But what we really wish for is the clock to go back and this would just be a horrible nightmare.
i dont know what else to say to you but only that i will be thinking of your Billy and your family. Angela -Nicky's mum.xx





God Bless You All..  / Jessica Hobbs (>???)  Read >>
God Bless You All..  / Jessica Hobbs (>???)
I just lost a very close friend.. Kaitlyn Lawrence.. she has a memorial website also.. Kaitlyn was a Junior at North Laurel High School in London, Kentucky.. She was 16 years old. & She was a member of the North Laurel Varsity Cheerleading Squad. I know your hearts are breaking. It is so hard to lose someone so close to you. I pray that God will give you strength and comfort you through this. I know things are hard. I pray for everyone who has ever lost a loved one. God Bless you all. If you ever wanna talk email me at God Bless* Close
ms. / Shirley Ryan (friend)  Read >>
ms. / Shirley Ryan (friend)
Billy was the most amazing person. If I would have been lucky enough to have a son, he would have been just like Billy Paul.  Samantha is my daughter, and the reason I was blessed in getting to know Billy Paul.  He brought so much happiness to her that there was no way I could not help loving the boy.  As I got to know him more, he brought me as much happiness as he did Samantha.  He would always sit in the front seat whenever we would go anywhere, making me feel as if I was a friend also, and not just another parent.  He was so sweet and so respectful.  He also loved to cut up and have fun.  He was a natural born protector of all that he loved.  It was so amaziing to see him around people.  He went out of his way to make ALL people feel special.  He loved people of all ages.  I remember him helping to take care of the babies that Sam babysat.  I saw him around his little cousins.  Billy showed God's unconditional love and abundant love to everyone.  I know that I'm rambling but there are so many things that I want to share. Billy came to the hospital to be with us as my mom was dying.  Billy helped Sam give food to some starving puppies down the road.  Billy came to visit us the first Thanksgiving after my mom died.  Sam was gone, but he stayed and just visited with me. It was such a hard time for me.  He gave me the sweetest hug and made that day special instead of sad.  He was one of the first ones to hug me at my mom's graveside.  My happiest memory is when we went to see Billy in December 03.  We were lost for 2 1/2 hours and it was so late at night.  The smile on his face when he saw us was amazing.  I can't wait to see that same smile some day when we meet again.  Till then, I love you Billy. Close
For the family of Billy  / Irena Hill (UK) (Nanny to an angel )  Read >>
For the family of Billy  / Irena Hill (UK) (Nanny to an angel )
Right now I'm in a different place,
And though we seem apart,
I'm closer that I ever was...
I'm there inside your heart.
I'm with you when you greet each day
and while the sun shines bright
I'm there to share the sunsets, too...
I'm with you every night.
I'm with you when the times are good,
To share a laugh or two,
And if a tear should start to fall...
I'll still be there for you.
And when the day arrives
that we are no longer apart,
I'll smile and hold you close to me
forever in my heart.
This was  posted on my grandaughters site I am so sorry for your loss, Billy is now a bright shining star and I know  he is watching over all who love & miss him. Godbless
Billy Paul my hero  / Will Hancock (Friend)  Read >>
Billy Paul my hero  / Will Hancock (Friend)
How do you sum up who Billy Paul was in so short of a space? I could probably write a book about him and still not even get close, but I'll tell you what Billy Paul was to me.  He was a friend, a brother, Superman, and my hero. Everyone loved him. He will forever be remembered in my heart. Close
Our Billy Paul  / Haley Blanton (Friend)  Read >>
Our Billy Paul  / Haley Blanton (Friend)

I try to think that nothing is wrong and everythings alright, even though I know Billy is gone. I am so thankful that Billy came into my life, we will always have those memories and the time we've shared. He will always be missed to me and always be special, kind, and a very handsome young man. He did not get to live his full life, but the life he spent and the peoples lives he entered will forever remember him, he was an amazing person. So good with Our Superman, our hero! So I miss you Billy and I always will, and thank you for everything you've done and told me to comfort me. I Love You! :) :( I'm just glad at the same time I'm sad that your in a better place and its comforting to know that we'll all be together again one day!

"Resting Place"  / LaShae (cousin(bobsey twin) )  Read >>
"Resting Place"  / LaShae (cousin(bobsey twin) )
It's a quiet and tranquil place and this is
where you lie. In the silence I hear your voice,
see your face in the clear blue sky.

It seems so wrong that you are here,
and yet it had to be; your time on earth
was over, you left this world and me.

I can't help feeling cheated, you were
too young to die, but one day I'll come to
you and understand the reason why.

Until that time has come, I'll tend your
place with care, I'll cover it with flowers
and know you'll see them there.

You always said I cared for you in good
times and in bad, and I'll go on as before
although my heart's so sad.

Yet there is some comfort from tending
to your grave. I feel your love surround me
here, a strength that keeps me brave.

Although your body s resting, I know
your spirits free. I sense you watching
from above and caring still for me.

So when my life is over, I'll join you where
you lie, and then we'll be as we once were again.

even though this time of the year can be SO hard, just remembering that i will be seeing him again helps so much even when things seem so unbearable...i love you and miss you so much bp

my superman  / Samantha Ryan (best friend )  Read >>
my superman  / Samantha Ryan (best friend )

Billy was my everything.. the one i would call at 3 in the morning when i had just had a nightmare.. the one that held me and told me everything would be alright.. the only one that knew all the right things to say.. the love of my life.. the only one that knew every single detail about me.. the only boy i could cry in front of.. he could hold me and with just the touch of his hands i knew everything is going to be ok.. we would go to our spot and talk forever about stars and life.. he knew my dreams and my goals.. and he had faith that i could achieve them.. he made my world a better place... i love him with all of my heart.. the holidays are some of the hardest.. but i know that on christmas day Billy got to spend christmas with the Birthday Boy.. the memories of him will never fade and he will always be my superman...

Angels.... / Diane Cassidy- Angel Mom-Katie   Read >>
Angels.... / Diane Cassidy- Angel Mom-Katie

Rest Angel  / Donna/memory-of Christinannvalle (passerby)  Read >>
Rest Angel  / Donna/memory-of Christinannvalle (passerby)
Rest angel,happy valentines day.Watch over mon and dad.He was a handsome man,Jesus needed him back with him,just know that you will see him soon,if you only believe,I am here for you. Close
Happy New Year  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )  Read >>
Happy New Year  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )
I hope that somebody can find happiness in the New Year.
MySpace Pictures
Wounded New Year  / Melissa Smith (grieving Mom)   Read >>
Wounded New Year  / Melissa Smith (grieving Mom)

Wounded New Year

Young, they left our home
in a moment, long or quick,
they were gone.

Dewdrops turned into teardrops,
the shining sea too small
to hold our grief.

"Give us our children back," we pled
as we noticed their plateless places
at the table.

Regret made a river through our days,
tempering laughter,
pervading sudden silences.

Bodies they had through us, with us
bodies housing minds and souls
no longer.

The New Year holiday returns
makes throb now the wounds
we felt at their parting,

wounds which may heal
in time, we hope,
into strength

but not yet, in this season
of snowflakes that sting and cookies
that somehow taste of vinegar.

"If only," goes our carol.
If only they could return to us
but no.

If only
we could speak with them
but no.

If only we could love them
so intensely that they could
feel our presence right now

but yes, yes to this one,
a thousand yesses--
they can.

How can they not feel our love,
being core in core with us,
heart in heart?

We give love this New Year to them and
to each other as plundered parents
and wounded healers.

With love flowing, something in our lives
a magnificent, mysterious Something
guides us like a star.

Mark's Mom  / Doris Andrews (Mom in Grief )  Read >>
Mark's Mom  / Doris Andrews (Mom in Grief )

God looked around his Garden and found an empty place! He then looked down upon his earth and saw your loveing face.He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest. His Garden must be beautiful,he always takes the best.

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