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HAPPY EASTER BILLY!  / Mom Of Angel Rebecca Vidmosko   Read >>
HAPPY EASTER BILLY!  / Mom Of Angel Rebecca Vidmosko
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Happy Easter Billy  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )  Read >>
Happy Easter Billy  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom ) Close
for you  / Nancy Davis   Read >>
Brad and your Friends  / Dad (dad)  Read >>
Brad and your Friends  / Dad (dad)
I have finaly got back to work after surgery and had to go to Arlington to work for awhile and it has been a blessing. I am staying with billy's cousin brad and have spent some time with Gabe. Ihope to go to the rock where Billy and his friends went to chill and get away from things. Maybe i'll get there this week. I have so missed Billy Paul and wonder if time does heal cause I cant tell. When do the tears and heartache stop? I so wish to carry on His name in a way He will never be forgotten but then again i know He never will be to the ones who were blessed to have known billy Paul. In my Heart Billy is never very far away. Ilove you Son!!!  Dad Close
So sorry for your loss  / Denise Jones Craig's Mam (Someone who cares )  Read >>
So sorry for your loss  / Denise Jones Craig's Mam (Someone who cares )
Dear Billy,
Firstly thank you for the tribute you left on my son Craig's website. I understand why you liked the tribute from Craig's friends. I was pretty touched too cos he thought the world of them. When I read your dear Billy's website, I felt a connection between him and Craig too. Craig too was the most loyal of friend and I can well imagine him doing what your brave boy did.His friends were the world to him and he'd rather fall out with us than them.
I also felt particular empathy with ur feelings when u wrote u missed the arguements even and "the good times and the bad". Its easy when u lose someone to turn them into a saint and forget the bad stuff. But we're all human even our wonderful kids. So many times since Craig passed I've thought "if only". If only I hadnt said this or that. If only I'd let him do this or bought him that. But as parents we do what we think is best at the time and whatever we do is done out of love . My one real worry at all times was to keep him safe. I'll always feel guilty that I couldn't but I guess kids have to live their lives. After all its no life if u live it wrapped in cotton wool
I am thinking of u and ur wonderful Billy. I pray for light and joy for Billy and that  u will find peace. If u need a friend I'm here.
Denise xxx 
So Sorry  / Jane Jones (Matt Jones mom )  Read >>
So Sorry  / Jane Jones (Matt Jones mom )
Thank you for visiting Matts site and for your kind words.  I am also so sorry you and your family have experienced this type of tragedy with Billy Paul.  The world is a cruel place and the justice any of us will receive here is not equal to what they did to our children.  The only justice for me would be to let me shoot them with a 9mm 15 times like they did my son who was unarmed.  I know how deep the pain runs.  Please know there are people who may not know you personally but are praying for you and your family.  I certainly hope that the murderers are not released.  May God Bless you.

Jane Jones mother of William Matthew Jones
remembering / Aunt Nita   Read >>
remembering / Aunt Nita
This has been quiet a day. I have tried very hard not to....but over and over I have relived March 1, 2004, the absolute worst day of my life. And I speak for my family on that I am sure. All the details of that day have just played over and over in my mind. I have tried to stay busy, but it does not quit. And tonight, as my kids have gone to bed, one child 2 hours away from me, my husband out-of-state, I am really feeling it! I am praying for peace from God. Not only for me, but for all my family. Pray for God to bring us some kind of peace from all this and healing. It is 2 years today and when does the healing start? Tiff, I absolutely love this song you put on here. I listen to it in my car all the time. If it is this hard for all of do people get through something like this without God or without a family like we have?? We are blessed to have God in our lives and to have the family we have. Tomorrow I am trying my hardest to get back to remembering all the good times with our precious Billy instead of the day that will haunt us for a lifetime. Tonight I am just feeling a little down and wishing I was surrounded by my family. I love you all! Billy Paul---I do see your beautiful face as I close my eyes and I thank God for the time he shared you with us. I miss you so much.....I will see you later!! DO NOT TELL GOD HOW BIG YOUR STORM IS...BUT TELL YOUR STORM HOW BIG YOUR GOD IS!! He will get us through!  Close
Our Morning of hell!!!!!!!  / Dad (Daddy)  Read >>
Our Morning of hell!!!!!!!  / Dad (Daddy)

          I felt compelled to be up this morning at this certain time(4:09) because this is when the life drained out of many of us. It is no easier now for me to accept that the most beautiful son a man could have is no longer here on earth to challenge me or give me grandchildren or take on my legacy as a mason or many other things that will not happen because of a greedy thieving s.o.,b 2 headed monster named drake -devroe.May you rot in your TDCJ cells.even though our justice system seem to fail in their sentencing it is a comfort to know that our God is the ultimate Judge! The real sentence has been to Billy Paul's family and friends. Ilove each and everyone of you and may God bring peace to you.         Billy


Thanx / Dad (Daddy)  Read >>
Thanx / Dad (Daddy)
I am writing this for all the ones who Love Billy Paul and miss him as much as I do. Not to forget others who have lit candles and sent tributes.When I started this site my  Life was in another time and place and it wams me to read from BP's friends and loved ones and others who know our pain that Bp's memory and life will always be a part of our lives.
         Billy's compassion and love of life was built around His family and Friends and their parents. Lord knows I wasn't  much of an example and without these people in Billy's life it would have been much harder on him.
             I realize now how much hurt ther is and I pray that all who have been affected by our loss such as the kid,aunts,cousins,who are too many to list one by one will come to terms and God heal the pain, hurt and bad dream that haunt us and rejoice for the time Billy Paul was here. Personanly I am dealing with shame and bad concience for my  bad choices in life.Without all you all Life would be unbearable and Iwould live in shame afraid to face anyone.but that is not what Billy Paul would want nor is it what God wants.
     I love you  Tiffany I am so proud of you and the adversity you have faced and overcome just as Billy would have also. Shaebaby you have also been there and I am just as proud of you.Tiffany thanks for being here for me and the great are destined for much happiness in life.And Shaebaby thank you for the wonderful poems you write in Billy's memory. Beth thank you for being the backbone of this family all you have done for Mom and all kids who are lucky enough to know you and be a part of your life. there are so many lives you have influenced and protected.All of the kids from Calvary and adults also thank you for letting Billy into your arms and lives.Mom I didn't forget you. It would have been easy to give up on me and you never did. for that matter all of my family never did. thank each and ever one and thank you. God I love you for bring Billy to me and and all my family and His friends Please watch over and care for each and everyone of them and help me to be a better man and live the life ishould. In Jesus name Amen! Close
Happy St. Patrick's Day Billy  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )  Read >>
Happy St. Patrick's Day Billy  / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )
"Existence" / LaShae (cousin)  Read >>
"Existence" / LaShae (cousin)

it seems sometimes the only way i can really express what i'm feeling is in i tried to put how i felt in this poem. although i feel that nothing can even touch the way i feel at this point..its a sort of relief. the past few days have seemed almost unbearable to me at times and seems that the pain of losing Billy Paul will never i am sure they have been for some others as the date draws nearer..losing someone so incredibly precious to everyone he came in contact with is the greatest hurt a person can experience. i hope that the next couple of weeks we all remember the impact he made on our lives and strive to be the person we know he wanted us to be..

Will you remember all the days
when I was there with you,
Remembering my smile and my laughter?

Or will you forget
and dwell in the lost instead?

A protrait of my existence,
lies deep within your heart,
Cherishing the memories we once shared.

Or will you decide
nothing is worth keeping,
losing the special dream once held?

Love will never die.
Love is deep inside.
Our relationship is forever.
Remember my love for you.

I am always there,
watching over you.
To give inspiration
and strength when you may fail
in a world of fears.

Will you continue to dream
and breathe the wonders of life,
striving to be who you want to be?

Or will you succumb
to the defeats in life?
Failing to ever overcome?
Dreams will never die.
Strength is deep inside.
Our relationship is forever.
Remember my faith in you.

I am always there,
believing in you.
To give encouragement,
and love when you may fail
in a world of fears.

Thinking / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )  Read >>
Thinking / Debbie Wengert (Kevin's Mom )
MY SUPERMAN  / Karlee Henderson (CuZeN)  Read >>
MY SUPERMAN  / Karlee Henderson (CuZeN)
This is a song I wrote on 12/13/05
and it goes to Billy Paul...
You fly through the sky
until the day you made me cry.
So I remember the times we  had.
Oh, those days never went bad.
And I think of the powers you had.
The power of caring
and the power of sharing.
You saved anyone you could
until the day you passed away.
The people were sad
and the one who murdered you,
who is in jail he's definitely not glad.
Neither am I cause almost every day I cry.
And you're my SuperMan
because you're my cousin Billy Paul.
(Repeat song once)
Hope / Lynda Simmons (Another grieving parent )  Read >>
Hope / Lynda Simmons (Another grieving parent )

I am so sorry for your loss.  It is so difficult to comprehend how something like this can happen.  I often write as a way to cope with my own grief.  I would like to share one of those writings with you.  I hope it will bring you some comfort.  Our oys are together, I have no doubt!  I was particularly struck by the John 15:13 verse~I had this engraved on my son's grave marker. 
Thank you for sharing your son with us & thank you for taking the time to visit my son.  Your Billy has very kind eyes, I know he was a fine young man!  A very handsome young man too!  May God bring you peace & comfort each day.  His grace is sufficient.....Peace & Love,
Lynda Simmons
*proud mom to Petty Officer Colletti


Suffering in silence,

Hiding in my pain,

Putting on a face of pretence,

Quietly going insane…


The storm rages deep within my soul,

Still waters rarely come,

I stare into the darkness of this hole,

Wondering what have I done…


My mind begins to scream,

My heart shatters inside,

I’ve lost every dream,

Washed away with Life’s tide…


Fair wind and following seas,

Rolls over and over in my mind,

I fall down on my knees,

Crying for relief of some kind…


Dear God, please bring me peace,

I need your strength to survive,

Help my anguish to cease,

I need your courage to stay alive…


Dear child, trust I am with you,

I will never leave your side,

I have helped carry you through,

From the very first tear you cried…


Trust me when I tell you this,

Your son is here with me,

My kingdom is now his,

My grace has set him free…


So child, you must have faith and believe,

You will surely see him again,

One day it will be your time to leave,

Though I cannot reveal to you when…


Just call on me to make you strong,

Follow me and learn my ways,

Know that I am never wrong,

Live for me the remainder of your days…



Your child loves you and so do I,

Remember this when you feel weak,

When you’re down, look to the sky,

See my glory that you seek…


All will be revealed one day,

When you come to the Promised Land,

I’ll wipe your last tear away,

As your son smiles and takes your hand…


lms 11/21/05







Angel / Aunt Jodie Blanton-Hohertz (past youth director )  Read >>
Angel / Aunt Jodie Blanton-Hohertz (past youth director )
He is the definition of a true angel.  One who would watch over you, take care of you and one who would always make you feel like you were worth something.  When I first met Billy Paul, he was shy.  He did not show his affections to adults that easy, That's why his hugs ment so much to me. When I would come into the sanctuary on Sunday mornings, and he would greet me with a big hug, I knew all work on earth was worth it.  He is the type of youth that made every long hour of the day totally worth it.  So instead of me being the leader and the one teaching, he inturn taught me.  I will also forever be greatful to him because he will always hold a certain group of youth, incuding myself, to a bond that will never be broken.  Years will pass, marriages, kids, homes, bills, jobs and maybe many miles will keep us apart physically, but the group of people that was brought together because of our dear Billy Paul will remain close in spirit forever.  Till we all meet again.  Love Aunt Jodie  Close
HOMESICK....MERCY ME  / Tiffany Smith (Sister)  Read >>
HOMESICK....MERCY ME  / Tiffany Smith (Sister)

I added this song Homesick by Mercy Me because it really hits home.  Listening to this song makes me feel happy for Billy instead of just really sad.  Of course I'm really sad that Billy is no longer with us, but he is home with the Lord and others that have already passed away, like, Uncle Robert Wilkins, Uncle Robert Smith, Grandpa Norris, Papa Smith, Uncle Karl, Uncle Charlie, Aunt Donealle, Uncle Raymond, etc. (I'm sure I missed a few people).  One day we will all be together again.  Until then I will just be homesick.  (dad you can change the song back whenever you want.  I love you so much!  Sorry I havent been around that much bc of work, but I have been thinking about you alot.)

Happy Valentine's Day Billy  / Tami -GP (Angel Ryan Hook)   Read >>
Happy Valentine's Day Billy  / Tami -GP (Angel Ryan Hook)
God Blessed Us!  / Aunt Nita   Read >>
God Blessed Us!  / Aunt Nita
19 years ago today, God Blessed us with an awesome gift from Heaven. I thank God, Billy & Cheryl for bringing Billy into our lives. Billy Paul, the girls and I have thought ALOT about you this week! You brought us so much joy that no one can ever replace! Billy & Tiffany, I am loving you both and thinking of you today. Let Cheryl know I am thinking of her too. Billy, thank for being there with our mom today as she has surgery. Happy Birthday Billy Paul! You are 19 today, but in Heaven you will be Forever 17!!! Play ball with your PaPa and Uncle Karl and have a fun birthday celebration! And know how much we are missing you here! I love you with all my heart! Aunt Nita Close
Birthday / Daddy (dad)  Read >>
Birthday / Daddy (dad)
Billy, my beloved Son you are 19 years old today and I can only imagine how things would be right now. But just because you are not here in body I can feel your soul and love stirring in me. I should be buying tires or a stereo for your car or anything else you would want but now it will be flowers and maybe a lunch in your honor. I remember your main menu of crispy tacos, chicken out of the can on nachos and lots of jalepenos. You didn't like much that I cooked but your Mom could make something out of nothing and you would love it.I can still see that crazy Rocky climbing 8 foot fences when he heard you in the front yard or your car starting and me having to chase him down when you would leave. He would follow you for miles. He is at Casey's now with no fences and happy just as I know you are. Billy I could go on and on of my Love for you and how I miss you but this is to be a happy day and I know you are showing all the little angels the joy of sports.Even though we all wish we could see your beautiful smie one more time it is comforting to know you will be home with your arms wide open and grinning ear to ear when we at last Come to our ultimate home . Better have the gloves ready cause Dad is going to play burnout with you and though pain is not felt there i'll get you son. PaPa never missed one of my games and I bet you and him and uncle Karl are having a Great time together. Karl would have been your favorite uncle as he was always full of mischief just like you.
         Watch over all of your family and friends until the day we all come to rejoice with our Lord and Savior Jesus and our God in a place where there are no tears , no saddness, and most of all no evil.Most of all send comfort to your Mom as she is in a place where that is hard to come by. She loves you Son and I can't perceive how She is bearing all Love from your Mom on your B'day. Nanny is having surgery on her knee this morning and I know you and God will be there with her. Please dear GOD spare our Nanny any undue pain as only you can.Amen
             Billy I'm going now and you are always on my mind and in my thoughts and heart.Happy 19th birthday in Heaven Son
                                                                       Dad Close
i wuvv u billy.  / Bailey Henderson (lil cousin )  Read >>
i wuvv u billy.  / Bailey Henderson (lil cousin )

sometimes i feel that im not safe anymore without billy by my side protecting me from all lifes bullies, but over time i have learned he is still right here with me in my heart. of course life isn't the same without one of my favorite cousins and i dont think it ever will be but i am so proud that i can say that i had someone as amazing as him to be an impact on my life. i remember all the times he would stay the night with me and lashae... and him an La would always try to scare me so bad with their stories.. it worked everytime i would cry all night long.. but i knew they  were both there to protect me. i only wish i would have had more time with my billy but i know someday i will be with him again and that is the only thing that keeps me smiling. oh...silly billy i love you and will see ya lata!
love bailey<3

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