Billy Smith
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Passed away on March 01, 2004 at the age of 17. Our Precious Billy Paul was murdered in the streets of Arlington TX on this date by Two murdering crackheads Looking for some thing to steal.He and his friend confronted a man robbing the neighbors car.While BP was on the phone he saw his friend struggling and He told the 911 operator to wait a minute and those were the last words we heard from over the news.My Brother was contacted to identify BP's voice.By the time the Police arrived Billy was dead from a stab wound to the upper leg.
                After 20 months,right before the Trial nolan earl drake was offered a 15 year sentence and he took it. He was facing life without parole and I believe a jury would have given it to him. We could all fill the compassion of the Judge as one after one we confronted the thug at sentencing. The Judge ordered the thug to carry a picture of our BP and to have it when he went to parole or he wouldn't make it. First parole date is 2011. The punk's accomplice (who had BP's blood on her) recieved a 3 year sentence and may be realeased soon.Please go to BP's legacy to protest these thugs release and make their file as big as possible.
Born in Texas on February 03, 1987. This was one of the happiest days of this fathers life as I fiinaly had a son after 2 beautiful daughters and He exceeded my expectations of what he accomplished in His short life. With parents who were far from being good ones, and the help of my Brothers and sisters He was the most beautiful and caring person there could ever be.And not to forget the youth and parents at Calvary Baptist Chruch. I found out who his real friends were after His going home ot with His true Father. Words can never express the comfort these Folks and Kids gave to me and I never realized the hurt and tramua that our kids were going through until the shock wore off somewhat because it is still here. Thanks to all the wonderful youth and adults at Calvary
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